About Tori


My name is Tori Badillo, and I’m currently a student at SBHS and in Multi Media Arts and Design (MAD for short) Academy. I currently play soccer and love to have fun with my family. Weekly I’m busy with school and family so it’s hard to have some time to myself. I am obsessed with fashion, food, and trying new things with my family and boyfriend.  I love to eat carbs such as chips and bread but my favorite “snack” I’d say is PICKLES. I’d describe myself as energetic and sassy.



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The idea I have for my blog is that I want to give my readers beauty tips, DIY recipes for skin care and crafts. DIY anything in beauty and even fashion. Things you see on Youtube but in my perspective. I plan to make this as creative as I can but also fun to experiment for viewers at home. My blog will be awesome because I’m the writer of course… Anyways, also get results once in a while from family/ friends who can test it out and give their input.

xoxo Tori