Home Sweet Home

For my last blog post, Home Sweet Home isn’t what you think it is. Usually straight up your first thought of this would be my actual home. In my perspective, my “home sweet home” is Disneyland. Some people may agree with me in some ways because of their personal experiences there, but since I was about 4 years old EVERY year till 2011 I’ve gone with the same people over the years. I have a very personal connection there. I will always feel like a child there and the atmosphere is great.

My sister and I always try and find “inspo” pictures before going somewhere out of town. We save pictures from Instagram and Pinterest and the after we collaborate and find out what can work and what can’t. For Christmas my mom got me and my siblings passes to go and my sisters boyfriend. In April, my sister, mom and I went to California Adventures and Disneyland while my brother went with his business team (they went to nationals and got 12th place in the nation) to New York and stayed in Manhattan. My mom actually ended up using my brother’s pass and asked him of course if it was okay.

It was a four day weekend and my brother was leaving for his trip. My mom kept saying should we or should we not go to Disneyland the day after my brother left. We kept debating if we should and eventually she said okay. So we got read packed for two days and left. When we got there it was around 5 and we checked into our hotel we always stay at since I’ve been young. I recommended to go to California Adventures first because there’s not as much things to do as there is in Disneyland. It was great being with just my mom and sister but my since my brother wasn’t with us it wasn’t the same. It was my first time going on California Screamin’ and I know what you’re thinking.. I finally went on after a decade and my sister told me that I would have fun. I was scared because of how fast it was and she said that it wasn’t that fast. LET ME TELL YOU THAT IT IS VERY fast that I was literally making my sister’s hand purple for squeezing. She didn’t warn me that it was that fast!!

until next time…

xoxo T


One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I love visiting Disneyland with my family too! It’s super fun! I wrote a post about Disneyland on my blog as well on hannaboparai.com.


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