AIR-ICK Trujillo

This Is Eric. He’s my sister’s boyfriend and they’ve been together for almost 4 years. Eric is super tall and like another big brother to me.He plays basketball and loves eating at Los Agaves. He always takes pictures of Jose and me for dances and he is the Founder and CEO of Visionary Los Angeles. Soon to be coming in Zumiez near you. #staywoke

I call him asparagus or string bean when I remember to. In my opinion I think he’s a good fit for my sister because he is funny, goofy, and knows about Hurb. If my sister is ever mad he tries to cheer her up with something stupid to say just like me and when I am not around to cheer her up he can do it for me. Not only is he all of those things but he is really kind to my sister. Whenever she gets mad at him and yells at him for not listening or for doing something the wrong way, he takes it in and doesn’t even bother talking back. But whenever she gets mad at my brother, mom, me or just all of us, we all get a feeling where we get mad and talk back or give her an attitude. I give Eric major points for being a trooper.

Eric loves the beach. Let me tell you guys about he almost let me drown to death in the ocean when we went to the beach with my sister. Knowing me personally I don’t know how to swim. So when we were there Eric offered to teach me how to buggy board and I said okay because he knew I didn’t know how to swim and he said he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me and the waves were calm. We went into the ocean not so far away fro shore and a wave popped out of no where while I was on my buggy board and wiped me and Eric out. Eric is a tall guy so in the shallow end of the ocean he could just stand up and be fine and he was. I had to find the sand in order to stand up so before I was drowning and Eric was only trying to save himself. So when I saved myself I got sand in my eyes and swallowed a bunch of gross salt water and went up to my sister and ranted. Never again will I buggy board in the ocean because Eric traumatized me smh.

I hope you learned about Eric personally and liked it!

xoxo T


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