My Boyfriend, JLop

I have known Jose for about four years. We met going into 7th grade and we actually dated for about four months until I broke up with him. All of my friends ask why I did back then and I honestly can’t remember much, just that I made a horrible mistake. Although we were young at the time I felt something different with him. That was a dark past for us that we would never want to repeat again.

He’s currently the kicker on the Varsity Football Team and last season he got the opportunity to play with my brother as a sophomore. Being a sophomore moving up to varsity is a pretty big deal and others like his teammates take it personally. Although he is the kicker, people think that it’s “such an easy job” but this is REALITY people. Being a kicker is tough. You have to be accurate and know how to properly kick it to get an extra point and there is lots of pressure. People just assume that the ball will go in. That’s why it takes practice to get it where you want it. Plus Jose does have a strong leg. He has played soccer in the past and knows how to property kick. I would like to see someone else kick field goal after field goal like him but there isn’t anyone like him, and people don’t see that on the coaching staff.

Jose is great. He always wants to hangout with me and when I can’t, he understands. He makes me laugh all the time and when he’s sick he’s completely out of it. He gets so silly and goofy I love it, just not when he is sick. He knows a lot about my family background with everything which makes it easier to explain a situation to him. Although he has some serious complications at home he’s a very strong independent guy who loves his family. He has a bright big smile, and a FINE LOOKING jaw line. He’s honestly so handsome and kind, I’m so grateful to have a best friend /boyfriend like him in my life. I got a two in one package and I don’t want a refund. I love him dearly. I hope you know a little more about MY boyfriend lol. He’s one of a kind and I can go on and on about him and how crazy I am about him but there is just no words to explain my feelings.

xoxo T


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