My sister, Amy

Not many people can say that their sister is their best friend. Luckily for me I can.

She’s such an inspiration to me and a great influence. Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. That might seem like I’m forced to say it but if you really knew me and her together, you would understand. We talk about everything together because we’ve been through so much. She’s my other half, best friend, my go to girl, my other mom, nanny, and more others. Everyday is something new with us. Currently we’re binge watching army wives and obsessed! We always binge watch shows on Netflix and when my mom gets mad at us about watching shows all day on the weekend we just tell her that we’re having a sister bond, and that’s very important to us and then my mom is okay with it. We know every little thing about each other it’s weird. We sometimes get headaches in the same area at the same time.

You have no idea how much my sister has been through in the past and if you knew you would think she’s honestly tough, strong, generous, and VERY supportive. She knows how to solve all of my problems because she’s been there and done that. I would give her anything, and i truly mean everything. The same goes for my brother and mother. My sister is so much to me. I couldn’t live without her. I always cry when I think about her moving away or leaving me for school. The only people who have actually seen me do that is my family. Once during christmas break on the 23rd we have a tradition of saying what we’re thankful for and I said my sister because she does so much for me and my brother and I started crying joyfully. Soon after decorating the cookies for the next day, someone from my family pulls my sister aside and says that she better start detaching from us because it’s only going to be harder for me and brother when she leaves. BUT GUESS WHAT either way it will be hard because she is a big part of our lives.

 My siblings are so close. We notice that looking at my mom and dad’s side of the family that their siblings aren’t as close as we are with each other. I think it’s pretty great. There are no words for how much i really love my sister. It was hard describing it in this post because it’s so hard explaining it. I’m amazed to see her become more wise each year of her life and I wish her the best in her wonderful life that God has coming for her in the future. I am beyond grateful and blessed. you are unforgettable @amy.

I hope you enjoyed my sister and learning more about her personally.

xoxo T


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