Brother Bear

 My brother is a senior in high school and probably the funniest guy you would ever meet. He knows how to take a joke and he is pretty good at being sarcastic. His top shows to watch on Netflix would probably be the office because that’s all he REwatches and then mocking parts of the show with my sister’s boyfriend (Eric). I love making him and my sister laugh when they need a good one. I always know that he’s got my back on things I need support with and I am so grateful for such amazing siblings. My family has been through a lot throughout the couple of years but we have a pact that my siblings and I would always stick together.

My brother has the love for music. He has been playing the drums for the past 9 years and overall he has been in  about four or five bands. Currently he is in only one and they are trying to get somewhere to start working on some original music. The last band he was with they were actually in a recording studio working on some really good music but then after they had finally finished with their EP, the lead singer or whatever you call him, left the band to go “solo.” From what I know now about what he’s doing is just school and trying to write music for his “solo” career. My brother’s current band is way better than before. They have two new bands members who are really good at what they do.

My brother was on the varsity football team for Santa Barbara High School the Class of 2016-17 and his number for football was 25. As you can see in the picture above I also have the same number as him. I now think it’s a special one because I actually scored my first epic goal at a home game with the number 25. I honestly can’t imagine any one else to take his spot as my brother and wouldn’t even think about anyone letting that happen (if it was possible lol). I hope you like learning a little bit more about my brother personally. When you meet him in person you would be glad you did.

xoxo T


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