My Beautiful Mother


My mom is the one wearing the pinkish scarf.

In the picture above is my mother.  She’s the second oldest out of four girls in total. She graduated from  California State University in Chico and got her Bachelor’s in Social work. She then later went to USC for grad school and she worked in about 6 hospitals her whole life. One down in LA, Ventura County, and currently at Cottage Health in the Children’s Medical Center. She’s the only one in her family to graduate from collage. She told me awhile ago that she also want’s to go back to school to earn her PhD. I’m so proud of her achievements and what she accomplished. She’s not only my mother but she’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t ask for anyone else but her as my mother. I truly got blessed with the best. She’s such an inspiration to not only me but to my brother and sister. She’s a strong independent women who loves to be with family but mostly me.

My cute grandma tells me all of the time that I remind her so much of how my mom used to act when she was my age. She told me a brutal story that when my mom was in elementary one of my youngest aunts got bullied by some guy. So when my mom found out apparently he lived down the street from them at the time and my mom PUNCHED him in the nose! I couldn’t believe it because she’s such a sweet woman and I thought it was hilarious to hear that my mom did such a thing.

In the picture above was taken on the plane on our way to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s graduation about one year ago in three days. My mom was sadly ill and she still decided to go. But knowing her and germs she had to bring a bunch of masks seen in the picture above. I know that I can always count on her for support with anything. She’s truly amazing in many ways. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about my amazing mother, I hope you read next weeks blog!

xoxo T


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